Michelin-starred Restaurant – Liao Fan Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken

I absolutely love food! I love trying new types of food, new places to eat and I especially love restaurants that have been given a Michelin star. My goal is to eat at all of the cheapest Michelin Star restaurants in the world, so far I’ve made it to 3 of the current 10! Liao Fan Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken being the third (the other two are Tsuta in Japan and Tim Ho Wan in Hong Kong).

Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken is literally one of the cheapest Michelin starred restaurants in the world, not to mention the food was fantastic. Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken is located on 78 Smith St. in the heart of Chinatown. It’s hard to miss this restaurant as there is always a lineup in front.



If you want to eat here:

1. Get in the line formed outside the restaurant

The line moves fairly quickly so don’t be deterred by the big lineups. If you do have the patience to wait, the food won’t disappoint and is astonishingly inexpensive.


2. Select your order before you go in

Someone from the restaurant will come out every 5 minutes or so to pass out menus and ensure the next few people in line have selected their orders. This truly does help speed up the line so your not waiting on people to make decisions once inside. There are 4 meat options with 3 noodle/rice options. The noodle options include either rice, noodles or hor fun (rice noodles) served with either soya sauce chicken, char siew, roasted pork or pork ribs. A picture of the menu is below.



3. Place your order via vending machine

Place your order through the vending machine. There is someone stationed at the vending machine at all times to assist and place orders for customers. We ordered the soya sauce chicken rice, soya sauce chicken noodle, roasted pork noodle, a side of hor fun and 2 drinks for S$18.20. We ordered two soya sauce chicken dishes as this is what the restaurant is famous for and being in love with food I wanted to try everything. What I didn’t anticipate was for us to finish all the food, but it was so delicious we literally couldn’t stop.





4. Sit down & wait for your number

Find a seat and wait for your number to come on one of the screens.Your receipt will indicate what order number you are (we were table #799). Once you see your number, pick up your food from the front counter and enjoy!



Soya Sauce Chicken w/ Rice



Soya Sauce Chicken w/ Noodles



Side order: Hor Fun Noodles



Roasted Pork w/ Noodles


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