Rio De Janeiro – land of sun and sand

Rio De Janeiro, the second largest city in Brazil is an absolutely BEAUTIFUL place to visit. Rio is known for its world-famous beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema and the marvellous summits of Mount Corcovado, where the statue of Christ the Redeemer resides.

Before going to Rio, I was a little bit concerned and hesitant to travel there for safety reasons as I had heard many stories of theft on the beaches. While you do need to be careful on and off the beach, we found that as long as we were cognizant of our surroundings at all times it was okay.

Some photo’s of our visit to Rio:


Copacabana Beach


Sunset at Ipanema beach


Christ the Redeemer


Views from Mount Corcovado


My favourite site was definitely the beautiful and colourful steps of Rio (Escadaria Selaron). The best time to visit these steps is first thing in the morning before the crowds of people arrive. This ensures you get a photo without a million people in the background.


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