Tsuta – only Ramen Restaurant with a Michelin Star

This 9 seater Michelin starred restaurant is not far from Sugamo station (Yamanote line) and is the best ramen I have ever had!!!



If you want to eat at Tsuta, here’s how it works:

1. Get a ticket 

There are two times per day where you can obtain tickets for a seating, in the morning or afternoon (usually before 11 or after 5). We arrived at the restaurant around 1pm on a Sunday and were not able to get a ticket for the afternoon seating and were asked to come back at 5. We came back at 5:30 and were able to get tickets for a 7pm seating. Note, there is a deposit of $1,000 yen per person that is given at the time you receive your tickets to secure your spot. This deposit is returned to you at the time of seating.


Your not required to wait around until your seating time, you can explore the area and come back at the time allotted.

Please note, if you have a group 4 or greater, you will not be able to go in together. You will have to break off into two groups or more depending on how many people there are. The restaurant seats groups of 3 or less.


2. Come back at your seating time & wait in line

Even though you’re given a specific time for a seating, you will still have to wait in line as the restaurant only has 9 seats. It takes about 30 minutes in line until you are were ushered inside to order.


3. Order via Vending Machine

Place your ramen order through the vending machine (ensure you bring cash). The options are in Japanese but the staff will explain the options to you in english. There were only two soup options either salt (shio) or soy sauce (shoyu) soup.


4. Sit down & wait

You wont have to wait long for your ramen to come out! If your like me and were still learning how to use chopsticks you should bring your own fork as the restaurant only has 2 forks for the whole shop. Minus that hiccup on my part, the ramen was phenomenal! The best I’ve had so far!!!

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